~Meet the Family~


Sure - we may *look* normal.....

Sure - we may *look* normal.....

        Just so you know, this is a different version from the one I wrote last week. I was never comfortable with what I wrote and it bugged me every time I thought about it. So, here is a NEW introduction to my family. 🙂


Our Honeymoon (4 1/2 yrs late)
Our Honeymoon (4 1/2 yrs late)
~Meet Mom~

Name: Stephanie

Age: 30 *gasp*

Occupation: 911 Fire/Medical Dispatcher (NOT PD!)

Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Jogging/Walking, Traveling, Toddlers, Compliments, Healthy Arguments, Target, Bookstores, Red Wine, GNO’s, Opening all of the windows in my house, BBQ, Laughter, Funny People

Dislikes: Rudeness, Unaccountability, Baboons, Root Beer Floats, Immaturity, Roundabouts (actually HATE those with a passion), Grocery Shopping

~Meet Dad~

Name: James (Jimmy)

Age: 43 *double gasp*

Occupation: Owner/Operator Landscape Business

Likes: Working, Family, Home, Texas Hold’em (playing AND watching), Grabbing Wifes Ass, Dirt Bike Riding, Boating, Mexican Food, Recognition

Dislikes: People Not Understanding the ‘Rules’ of a 4 Way Stop Sign, Being Away From His Family, His Wife NOT Letting Him Grab Her Ass, Punishing his Children, Reading, Rudeness  

Kickin' it with a bear at Disneyland

Kickin' it with a bear at Disneyland



~Meet Son~

Name: Jared

Age: 11

Occupation: Going into 5th Grade in the Fall

Likes: Arguing, Riding his Bike, Talking, Playing with Friends, Playing Video Games, Talking, Reading (but only after I *make* him….THEN he can’t put the book down!), Teasing his Sister, Hanging out with Mom and Dad, Swimming, Talking, Making People Laugh, His Cat

Dislikes: Being Quiet, Most Fruits and Veggies, Boredom, Manual Labor, Homework, Being Ignored



~Meet Daughter~

Name: Leah

Age: 5

Occupation: Going into Kindergarten in the Fall

Likes: Pretending, Reading, Playing Outside, Having Play dates, Grandma, Sweets, Singing, Dancing, Acting, School, Learning, Picnics, Card Games

Dislikes: When her Brother Teases Her, Picking up toys, Boredom, Mom and Dad Roughhousing (thinks Mom is dying!)


5 responses to “~Meet the Family~

  1. Cindi Kellmann


    I have really enjoyed your blogs and all the heartfelt stories that you shared about yourself and your family. They are inspiring. Keep writing!

  2. Alicia

    I’ve heard so much about you and your family from your mom, but it’s nice to read a little something from you. Your family is beautiful.

  3. whatsupwiththejoneses

    LOVE the intros…what a great idea!!

  4. Ha! I just now saw this. Der. Cute.

  5. Yvette

    I am now officially addicted to your blog. Keep writing, please.

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