Black Cat


So, on occasion, my kids like to go to Petco or PetSmart to check out the caged animals. It’s great! For real…it’s like a free zoo. And there is NEVER anyone around in those places. Now, we own a black cat (named Vivian…I know, I know – strange. I wanted to name my daughter Vivian but the hubs was having NO part in that so I settled on naming the next breathing thing that entered our family) and the cat we had before was black. We LOVE black cats. I know that they are no different from any other cat beside the color of their fur, but in MY world, they are fantastic.

On a recent trip to PetSmart to check out the alley cats that are either comatose in their cages or sticking their paws out reading to grab anyone who will give them some attention. Now, we’ve noticed on earlier trips that there seems to always be more black cats than any other kind. We never thought anything of it until we saw a flyer taped up announcing the need for people to adopt:

1. Elderly cats.

2. Cats with medical problems or disabilites.

3. Black cats.


Yeah…the lady said that black cats are really hard to adopt out and they are always the ones being dumped and abandoned. So sad. I guess it’s because all the superstition tied to them. It was sad that we couldn’t take ALL of the black cats home, but we settled for a few cheek rubs and went on our way.

About a week ago, Jared and I were at the grocery store after I dropped Leah off at a birthday party. We’re in the produce aisle and Jared starts giggling and told me that the night before he had informed Leah that she had been adopted. Note: My son can be a REAL peach when it comes to his sister. I wasn’t there so Jimmy had to deal with the calming down and explaining. I scolded him a bit, but mostly let it go…Leah never mentioned it to me so I was assuming he didn’t cause any lasting damage.

A few minutes go by and I get an idea. While still in the produce aisle:

Me: ‘Jared, since you brought that up, I guess now is a good time for me to tell you something.’

Jared: *looks at me*

Me: ‘I think you are old enough for me to finally tell you that you were adopted.’

Jared: *laughing* ‘Whatever mom!’

Me: ‘No really, I just wanted to let you know the truth since you brought it up. Now, this doesn’t mean that I love you any less. You are my son and nothing will change that. Do you want some bananas?’

Jared: *almost falling down in laughter* ‘Yeah right! Then why do we have the same hair color? We both have red hair!’

(My hair is naturally red – has been lightened over the years…..I SWEAR!!)

Me: ‘Well sweetheart, redheaded kids are like black cats. Hard to adopt. I even got extra money for picking you. AND that’s why I named you Ja-RED. Can you hand me some oranges?’

Jared: *Can’t breath from laughing so hard* ‘Black cat?! Did you just call me a BLACK CAT?!’

Other shoppers: *Staring at the scene going down in horror* ‘Did she really just admit to her son in the grocery store that he is adopted while picking out avocados?!’



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5 responses to “Black Cat

  1. Debby

    oh how I have missed your stories and this one is a great one..

  2. My sister told me my parents got me out of the dumpster behind Sage Allen (a defunct dept store down the street from our house). Repeatedly. She also told me they went back two years later and got my little sister. And that’s why my little sister and I look alike, but we didn’t look like her (older sister). Yep, a PEACH.

    Your kid so gets you though. He didn’t even miss a beat.

  3. This is the best story, ever. Thanks for that!

  4. I would have followed along behind y’all with a notebook, taking notes.

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