Wow…that was an AMAZING wedding. Congrats Lindsay and Jason!

There were about 300 people at this wedding. The ceremony went wonderfully smooth. Everyone was so beautiful.

Leah did GREAT. A little boy was ‘scheduled’ to walk with her, but even at the rehearsal he was having NO part of that. They half-heartedly tried to get him to walk with Leah yesterday, but it was a lost cause from the beginning. It worked out better actually. Leah got her 5 minutes of fame and they dressed her up like a garden angel. Precious and innocent.

The reception was at their family barn. This barn has apparently been in the family for quite a while and the past 6 months or so have been spent cleaning it out and putting in a new roof and too many other details to list.

The result was INCREDIBLE. Absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t have the chance to upload any pics, but they wouldn’t even do this magazine spread image justice.

Hours and hours were spend eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, reconnecting with family. My face hurts from smiling/laughing. My legs hurt from dancing. My head hurts (slightly) from drinking. I love it. It’s all pain I welcome and embrace. 

My husband has once again proved himself indispensable. Waiting on me hand and foot during my drunken state after we got home. He took care of every detail, right down to leaving the bathroom light on ‘just in case’. He is the best. I plan on keeping him around for a LONG time.

This is the last post before I get back on my ‘Growing Up’ series. 🙂


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