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Hello friends. *waving*

I am currently re-adjusting to my new ‘life’. I’m in the middle of my 3rd week of graveyard. Prior to shift-change, I was all big talk saying things like:

 ‘I’m looking forward to it’

 ‘I’m gonna get more sleep’

‘I’m gonna spend more time with the kids’

‘I’m excited to be working with new people’

‘It’s gonna be GREAT!’


I was scared shitless.

I was scared of lack of sleep.

I was scared of my guaranteed bitchiness from lack of sleep.

I was scared of marital discord from guaranteed bitchiness.

All of this fear came full-throttle long after changing my mind was not an option.

I was scared, but I was determined to be as positive as I could. And in my 3rd week, things really are GREAT. I am spending more time with the kids. The people I’m working with are wonderful (drama free). I am getting more sleep.

Do you see why I haven’t had anything to write about? Nothing exciting going on. The kids are doing great. Jimmy and I are doing great. Even the weather is doing f’ing great!!

But, I figured I’d better drop an entry so if/when shit hits the fan and my life starts pissing me off, I’ll be able to look back and know that there have been times that I’ve been GREAT.




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Parades and Purple Ribbons

Just before loading onto the floatJust before loading onto the float


Yesterday was the much anticipated Homecoming Parade!

I forgot my camera. Yes I did. A few pics were taken with my phone. I was saved by my aunt who brought hers…I’ll try to upload the video sometime next week.

Leah has got some serious hard-core school pride, I forsee OUR  house being the central station for the high school homecoming committee in the future…*sigh*.

Jared could care less.

Leah had her own little cheering section. Her grandpa and I both took off of work early and Jimmy stopped working to show some support, but went back to work halfway thru the parade, immediately after Leah passed.

Someone on the Parade committee (or whatever) had the idiotic idea of giving kids on the float candy to fling out into the crowd. It was alright for the most part until the pre-teen boys football team came by. Then it was DUCK and COVER! And was this soft candy? Oh hell no…this was f’ing huge ass suckers, tiny (sharp edged) boxes and bags of ALMONDS! What. The. Hell? But at least I had my snack for today and we walked away unscathed.

At the end of the parade, I had to pick Leah up at the library. As soon as I picked her up she wanted me to hurry up so she could see the parade! Poor thing was crushed when she realized that by being in the parade, meant you didn’t get to watch it.





Some of you may or may not be aware that October is ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’. I have been a supporter of this cause for quite a while so I taped a purple ribbon inside my car last week.

Convo in the car after I picked Leah up from school:

Leah: Why do you have a purple ribbon taped there?

Me: Well, this month is Domestic Violence Awareness month and the ribbon shows support and raises awareness to the cause.

L: What is domestic violence?

M: Well, sometimes people fight with their family and we shouldn’t fight with our family. Family is where you should feel loved and safe. (I did the best I could on explaining this to a 5 year old…)

L: OOOOOHHHHH! So like when someone wants a book that another person is reading and they get mad and try to grab it out of their hands and then the book RIPS?! *gasp*!! 

***Um….I guess I should’ve explained it a little better.


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Scary Night

~Midnight Monday night~


‘Huh? Whah?’

‘Hey, Jared has a headache so I gave him some Motrin’

‘Uh…*shaking my head to clear the cobwebs*, how much did you give him?’


‘2?! He only needs 1!’

‘Well, I read the instructions and it said 2 for 12 and older.’

‘Hellooooo….he’s only 11 and is the size of a 6 year old!’

So, I get up and follow the crying to my son’s room where he is rolling around bawling with severe head pain. WTF?!

‘Jared, babe, you need to calm down and relax. Crying and tensing up is going to make it worse. Just relax and let the Motrin kick in.’

But he couldn’t stop and I had already decided he was going to the ER. 

We were on the road in 10 minutes. Jared with an ice pack and a puke bag (he was extremely nauseated too). Jimmy stayed home with Leah left with my promise of a phone call if Jared got worse or there was any news at the hospital. Leah was sound asleep…never woke up.

The 15 minute drive was the longest drive EVER. Poor Jared was soooo nauseated and any approaching headlights were excruciating to him.

We finally arrived to a blissfully empty ER. They took Jared into triage as I checked in. By this time, the pain had actually diminished somewhat, but the nausea was still there.

20 minutes later we were in an ER room being checked by a nurse who should’ve been arrested for being that gorgeous at 1 am! But she was beautiful on the inside as well and immediately fell in love with Jared.

Jared’s pain level had reduced to a 2 by the time the Dr actually examined him. Other than a couple of swollen lymph nodes, everything was checking out just fine. They tested him for strep and the flu (still have not gotten the results. As I told Jared ‘no news is good news’)

The Dr was very thorough in not wanting to ‘miss something’ and we discussed the options of MRI or spinal tap.

‘Well, could anything that you would check for with those tests be relieved by the motrin?’

‘No, if was meningitis or bleeding in the brain (loooovely) then the motrin wouldn’t even touch it and he would look a LOT worse’

Alright, so no unnecessary radiation exposure or needles in the spine.

We were sent home with instructions to follow up with Jareds primary Dr and assurance that they would call me if any of the tests came back positive.

So far he is perfectly fine. Other than being tired and cranky yesterday, he has been feeling OK.

You know, the last couple of weeks have been rough on him. The wood I knocked on must have been fake when I said ‘My son NEVER gets sick!’ The flu he had last week really knocked him on his ass. For 7 days. He didn’t know how to handle it. This head pain could very well be remnants of that flu, but this is all new to both of us. I take for granted how healthy my son is and it’s scary to see him in pain.

I refused to allow my mind to wonder on the drive to the ER, but images forced thru my sleep deprived brain. Images of an extended stay in the hospital. Images of uncomfortable or painful tests. Images that stopped my heart.

There is nothing in the world harder than being a parent.


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For those of you who have not seen it on Facebook. Never fails to make me smile. =-)

On the rare chance that you are visiting and you don’t even know me, that is my daughter, Leah in the video.


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