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But…but…he NEVER gets sick!

Poor, poor Jared. Here we are, 12+ hours after I woke him up this morning, ignoring all of his whining and complaining and forced him to take a shower and ‘suck it up!’. We were on the tail end of Leah’s fever and I had to get ready to help out in her class this morning. Since my world revolves only around me before the sun has fully risen, I was quite irritable and it didn’t take much for me to snap at Jared.

“Hurry up and get out of the shower!”

“Quit your moaning!”

“Quit coughing so loud! You’re gonna wake you’re sister!” (Yep – at the top of my lungs! Don’t act like you’ve never done that SHIT!)

Finally Jimmy got up and found the thermometer. (Yep…all by himself! No, I did not take a picture – sorry) He headed over to Jared’s room (surely to do it wrong…because *I* am the only one in the house that knows how to operate the automatic 1 button thermometer.) and a minute later showed me the readout…102.5.

Oh shit! He really IS sick….um…

“Poor baby! Mommy loves you! Here, have some medicine and go back to bed. Can I get you an ice pack? An extra pillow? $500? Just let mommy know whatever you need”

Jimmy offered to stay home for a couple of hours so I could help out in Leah’s class. However, about 1/2 hour before we were supposed to leave, I took her temp and it was 99. Not TOO bad, and she was acting perfectly fine, but I figured better safe than sorry. So we decided to keep her home too.


You would have thought I torched the movie Bolt and her favorite blanket right in front of her,  AND told her that her grandma was mad at her by the reaction that came out of that 45 lbs of precious angel! She was HYSTERICAL! Leah absolutely could NOT handle the fact that she was going to miss a day of school. Especially a day that I was supposed to help out.

We finally calmed her down enough and the three of us spend the day just veggin’ out. Leah was fine the rest of the day and after her initial Motrin intake her temp never went above 98.6. Jared on the other hand slept and layed on the couch. He will surely be home again tomorrow. 😦

I guess I’m lucky that my kids rarely get sick, because I OBVIOUSLY am NOT the best nurturer in the world. I am working on it. 🙂




In other news…..

Leah was chosen to be one of the students riding the Elementary school float for this weekends homecome parade. 🙂 She is extrememly excited and I can’t wait. Gonna be fun.



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