Daily Archives: September 9, 2009


Dontcha hate it when a kid asks you what a word means, and the only way you can explain it is by using that word?

Well, Leah asked me what ‘Completely’ meant. Um…..huh? Well, completely means…um…completely

With some help from Jared (yes, I was THAT stuck…) we basically explained that it meant ‘everything, all, totally…well, completely’.

After the Harvard worthy lesson she received, she then decided that ‘completely’ was her ‘Word of the Day’.

‘Mom, I was completely hot today’

(after bath) ‘Mom, my hair is completely wet’

‘Our cat is completely black’

~and my fav….~

‘Mom, I love you completely

Awwwww….me too baby, me too. Now I feel complete.



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