Summer, School and Grandparents.

I know, I know! I’ve been ‘gone’ for a while. But…but…but…um, well no excuse. We are currently in the middle of our third week of school so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Easier said with pictures:


Here we are enjoying one of our last days of summer.


This is Jimmys grandpa (92 years young!) and he just ADORES my kids. Jared is wonderful with Papa Angelo.


We went to the County Fair.


Jimmy and I took the kids to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. It was AWESOME! We went during a perfect time, only a few annoying children and parents.


Yep, Jimmy and I got into it too.


Can’t remember what this was, but he sure looks interested huh? *Might* have something to do with the fact that I said ‘Hey Jared! Look interested while I take this pic”


Right before the fight started…


Leah playing with some clay.


Tuckered out.



Leah’s 1st day of kindergarten and Jared’s 1st day in 5th grade. BMOC now, next year it’s on to junior high *shudder*!


Jimmy re-creating his reaction when he saw the damage on our car from a bus sideswiping us while picking our kids up! Crazy day.


After the first day of school when Jared realized that it was too hot to keep his long locks. Chop ’em!


Can’t turn back now.


More hair than I have!


Ah yeah, looks good.


Jimmy and I got to clean up a bit for a wedding and we had a great (child-free) evening.


The family celebrated Jimmy’s Grandma Flo’s 89th Birthday. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Very inspiring woman and someone I am proud to know.


Leah showing off a couple of new looks for school. She rocks them all.


And…a little softer.



Both of the children are doing WONDERFULLY in school. Leah loves kindergarten and I get a 2 hour recap of her day every afternoon. Jared has been doing really well and I have seen quite a growth in him, academically AND in maturity.

I have been finding stuff to do on my days off while they are in school. Cleaning the house, watching Season 1 of True Blood (ps – do NOT eat pizza with red sauce while watching this show! EW!) and making new friends.

Yep, we’ve just been pluggin away in life like everyone else. Nothing real exciting, but we are certainly blessed in our boredom!



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4 responses to “Summer, School and Grandparents.

  1. Great pics. I always enjoy your blog entries!

  2. I love picture entries! Leah has got some pretty cool threads for school. I love the attitude in the denim and shades.

    And you guys look great in the wedding photo.

  3. The wedding photo is great, you and your husband are a beautiful couple! Glad to see some pictures of the kids too.

  4. whatsupwiththejoneses

    What a fun entry! Jared’s haircut looks awesome and Leah is quite the fashion plate!
    The pic of Jimmy pointing at the car damage totally made me crack up! LOL~
    And you two do indeed clean up nicely for a night on the town…good for you guys for taking some time out of the busy routine~

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