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But…but…he NEVER gets sick!

Poor, poor Jared. Here we are, 12+ hours after I woke him up this morning, ignoring all of his whining and complaining and forced him to take a shower and ‘suck it up!’. We were on the tail end of Leah’s fever and I had to get ready to help out in her class this morning. Since my world revolves only around me before the sun has fully risen, I was quite irritable and it didn’t take much for me to snap at Jared.

“Hurry up and get out of the shower!”

“Quit your moaning!”

“Quit coughing so loud! You’re gonna wake you’re sister!” (Yep – at the top of my lungs! Don’t act like you’ve never done that SHIT!)

Finally Jimmy got up and found the thermometer. (Yep…all by himself! No, I did not take a picture – sorry) He headed over to Jared’s room (surely to do it wrong…because *I* am the only one in the house that knows how to operate the automatic 1 button thermometer.) and a minute later showed me the readout…102.5.

Oh shit! He really IS sick….um…

“Poor baby! Mommy loves you! Here, have some medicine and go back to bed. Can I get you an ice pack? An extra pillow? $500? Just let mommy know whatever you need”

Jimmy offered to stay home for a couple of hours so I could help out in Leah’s class. However, about 1/2 hour before we were supposed to leave, I took her temp and it was 99. Not TOO bad, and she was acting perfectly fine, but I figured better safe than sorry. So we decided to keep her home too.


You would have thought I torched the movie Bolt and her favorite blanket right in front of her,  AND told her that her grandma was mad at her by the reaction that came out of that 45 lbs of precious angel! She was HYSTERICAL! Leah absolutely could NOT handle the fact that she was going to miss a day of school. Especially a day that I was supposed to help out.

We finally calmed her down enough and the three of us spend the day just veggin’ out. Leah was fine the rest of the day and after her initial Motrin intake her temp never went above 98.6. Jared on the other hand slept and layed on the couch. He will surely be home again tomorrow. 😦

I guess I’m lucky that my kids rarely get sick, because I OBVIOUSLY am NOT the best nurturer in the world. I am working on it. 🙂




In other news…..

Leah was chosen to be one of the students riding the Elementary school float for this weekends homecome parade. 🙂 She is extrememly excited and I can’t wait. Gonna be fun.



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‘Just Be Yourself’

‘Just be yourself’ my husband told me when I mentioned that I’m not good with kids…I don’t know how to act around them. If he had told me to strip down and dance the funky chicken in front of twenty 5 year olds, that would have been better advice than to *just be myself*!  My kids are used to me and my sense of humor, yesterday Leah asked for the hairbrush so she could ‘make Jared handsome’, I said ‘You’re gonna need a LOT more than just a brush!’ See!? I can’t be mean like that to other (sensitive) kids.

So, needless to say, I was terrified to the point of being committed slightly nervous to help out in Leah’s kindergarten class on Tuesday. Much to my surprise (and the relief of my lawyer NOT wanting any lawsuits from sensitive parents…) it went amazingly well. I EVEN stayed for recess…where I was mobbed by children who sensed my lingering odor of fear. In the end, Leah was on cloud 9 bursting with pride at her ‘cool’ mommy and I made a commitment for next Tuesday.


With that little story shared, I’ve decided that I am going to bombard you with random shit listed instead of trying to actually write about my life…and then…and then…and then….


      ~ I’ve decided I am a fair-weather boater. After planning and looking forward to going out on the boat last Sunday, I woke up and saw that the HIGH temp was going to be 85*. Oh HELL NO! Well, plus I was tired from my long work week AND seriously pasty from zero exposure to any sunlight.  So Jimmy and the kids hooked up with his cousins without me. They had a WONDERFUL time and I had a GLORIOUS day  off – even had time to go visit my BFF. Everyone was happy.

      ~ I am friends with a published author!!!! See my twitter ( ) for a pic of one of the most beautiful ‘uncorrected proofs’ that I had ever seen (well, the ONLY one..but whatever!)  that I actually had in my very own hands. Will be in your local bookstore on Leah’s birthday March 23rd…check it out.

     ~ Jimmy and I have made reservations to go back to visit Hearst Castle. That place is so fascinating and Jimmy has been wanting to go back the minute we drove away the LAST time. Since it’s 5 hours away, we’ll be staying 2 nights and I plan to enjoy every single minute of him…um, I mean it.  (I seriously accidentally put ‘him’ instead of ‘it’ and almost just fixed it! LOL)

      ~ My BFF told me that I am the only one she listens to (she’s had a rough year or two and has actually taken some of my advice) and basically told me how much she appreciates me (well, in the way WE express our ’emotions’ to each other which consists of the works ‘Whore’ ‘Hag’ ‘Beotch’…etc.) I just told her that there will be a time that I am going to need HER attention and dedication so I am just investing in my future hoping to save $$ on therapy later on.

       ~ My mom has lost 20lbs! Whoo-hoo mom! Great job!

      ~ I am changing shifts next month and will be working graveyard. I am, at the same time, scared and excited for this change. Scared because I haven’t done graveyard in 7 years (and even then, it was only 2 days a week), but excited for a change and more $$! I will be working from 6pm until 6am with an hour commute each way. It’s going to be hard, but I have a good crew. Everyone that will be on my shift is cool and kick-back. No drama. I will hopefully be able to read some more or even sign up for an online class or two. Who knows? Opportunities are endless.

      ~ Jared is continuing to do excellent in school. The change in him this year has been amazing. I even sent his teacher an email of appreciation because she obviously knows what works for him and he is thriving. She wrote back telling me that he is an intelligent boy who has lots of questions about the worlds (AKA: Won’t stop talking!) and she has found that as long has she explains what she is doing and why they do certain things, he is happy as a clam. I love her. Can I keep her?


         So yeah – everything is going well with the 911 Family. We are pluggin away, working hard and living life. Blessed in our boring-ness. 🙂


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Dontcha hate it when a kid asks you what a word means, and the only way you can explain it is by using that word?

Well, Leah asked me what ‘Completely’ meant. Um…..huh? Well, completely means…um…completely

With some help from Jared (yes, I was THAT stuck…) we basically explained that it meant ‘everything, all, totally…well, completely’.

After the Harvard worthy lesson she received, she then decided that ‘completely’ was her ‘Word of the Day’.

‘Mom, I was completely hot today’

(after bath) ‘Mom, my hair is completely wet’

‘Our cat is completely black’

~and my fav….~

‘Mom, I love you completely

Awwwww….me too baby, me too. Now I feel complete.


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Summer, School and Grandparents.

I know, I know! I’ve been ‘gone’ for a while. But…but…but…um, well no excuse. We are currently in the middle of our third week of school so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Easier said with pictures:


Here we are enjoying one of our last days of summer.


This is Jimmys grandpa (92 years young!) and he just ADORES my kids. Jared is wonderful with Papa Angelo.


We went to the County Fair.


Jimmy and I took the kids to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. It was AWESOME! We went during a perfect time, only a few annoying children and parents.


Yep, Jimmy and I got into it too.


Can’t remember what this was, but he sure looks interested huh? *Might* have something to do with the fact that I said ‘Hey Jared! Look interested while I take this pic”


Right before the fight started…


Leah playing with some clay.


Tuckered out.



Leah’s 1st day of kindergarten and Jared’s 1st day in 5th grade. BMOC now, next year it’s on to junior high *shudder*!


Jimmy re-creating his reaction when he saw the damage on our car from a bus sideswiping us while picking our kids up! Crazy day.


After the first day of school when Jared realized that it was too hot to keep his long locks. Chop ’em!


Can’t turn back now.


More hair than I have!


Ah yeah, looks good.


Jimmy and I got to clean up a bit for a wedding and we had a great (child-free) evening.


The family celebrated Jimmy’s Grandma Flo’s 89th Birthday. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Very inspiring woman and someone I am proud to know.


Leah showing off a couple of new looks for school. She rocks them all.


And…a little softer.



Both of the children are doing WONDERFULLY in school. Leah loves kindergarten and I get a 2 hour recap of her day every afternoon. Jared has been doing really well and I have seen quite a growth in him, academically AND in maturity.

I have been finding stuff to do on my days off while they are in school. Cleaning the house, watching Season 1 of True Blood (ps – do NOT eat pizza with red sauce while watching this show! EW!) and making new friends.

Yep, we’ve just been pluggin away in life like everyone else. Nothing real exciting, but we are certainly blessed in our boredom!


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