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Your pain makes me laugh

   Harsh, right? Well, I have been known to be insensitive and outright brutal at times.


    Perfect example: Yesterday, Jared had been complaining about his ankle hurting. He explained that he tried to ‘crack it’ a couple of days ago, but apparently it has been stuck mid-crack. Yep, sounds pretty painful. After I picked him up from school I had to witness the dramatic theatrical displays of a child in severe pain (except, of course, when a friend came over – then his ankle miraculously healed in time to BOOK IT to the front door).


      After we ran some errands, we ended up at the local burger joint for dinner. Leah and I were waiting outside at the table when Jared came out the door and headed our way. All of a sudden, he started flailing around like only the bottom part of his body was seizing and dramatically flung himself onto the closest chair! (You will notice the word ‘dramatic’ quite often when I am talking about 1 or both of my children…..get used to it) So, what does his caring, loving, attentive mother do at the sight of her precious boy in obvious pain? That’s right….LAUGH HYSTERICALLY! Seriously, almost out of my chair! I couldn’t stop myself, it was so freakin’ funny! Jared was yelling at me ‘You are SO BRUTAL mom!!!’  But it didn’t take him long before he was laughing too. He just shook his head and rubbed his ankle.

Jared: ‘What is WRONG with you?!’

Me: ‘Your pain makes me laugh’ (snicker snicker snort….)

Jared busted out laughing and we BOTH completely lost it. He is totally physically fine  and he will take with him, NOT the memory of his mother tending to his every need, but of him being able to shake it off and have a belly-rolling laugh about it on the patio of our local burger joint.

Oh – and to kill some more time, we  played hangman. *I* chose the phrase while the kids guessed. Jared just shook his head:

_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _ _     thats right “YOUR PAIN MAKES ME LAUGH”


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*THIS* is my life.

   For the longest time, I only lived for the future.

   ‘When Jared is potty-trained it will be easier’ ‘When I get a better job…’ ‘When I get married…’ ‘When the kids are both in school…’ ‘When we win the lottery…’ When I lose 10lbs…’

      Yeah – YOU know the drill. I had binoculars on for most of my 20’s, missing the tiny details that I now have a hard time remembering. The time frame of my memories are usually assisted in where I was living at the time. From the time Jared was born until he was 5, we moved 8 times – an example of me trying to ‘move forward’.

       At this point in my life: I have a great job, my children are both happy and healthy, my marriage is solid, we have a roof over our head and extended families that love us. I want to live for TODAY. I want to drop everything and play Uno when my daughter asks. I want to turn my full attention on my son when it takes him 5 hours to tell a 5 minute story. I want to hold hands with my husband in the car. I want to hang out with my girlfriends. I don’t need to plan for these things, it is all there for the taking right now.

THIS is my life….and I am going to live it.


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  Yesterday a co-worker said something referring to a story I had told about my son a few months ago. What’s sad is that I had completely forgotten the story until he had said something. My blogger/writer/amazing friend who had been trying to talk me into blogging for a few months now, so wisely used this as a prime example of WHY I should blog – if only to keep me from looking like a retard when other people talk about MY KIDS!

    My family provides a plethora of entertaining stories. So, welcome to my ‘Notebook’-y effort to keep me from forgetting.

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